Forum Rules | Updated (23/January/2018)

General Rules

1. We accept players of all races, religions, genders, sexual orientations and beliefs, and we expect them all to be treated fairly. In other words, be respectful towards others.
2. Do not advertise or use our forums to recruit for other servers
3. Do not DDOS threat or DDOS anyone
4. Do not evade bans
5. No inappropriate photos, links, signatures, or anything else that might be deemed inappropriate.
6. Bullying will not be tolerated
7. Do not harass people for any reason
8. No political or religious debates
9. Do not cause drama
10. All languages are allowed, but try keep it to English as much as you can.

Thread | Post Rules

1. Do not argue on threads
2. Do not spam threads or post; Do not double post use the edit button
3. Post/like farming is not allowed
4. No excessive swearing on threads
5. Do not comment on threads telling players to use to the correct format. This is the job of the Forums Team
6. Do not comment on bug reports unless you can provide additional information or you can help resolve bug.
7. Do not make threads or polls related to which staff is “better” or should be promoted next
8. Do not make giveaways giving away accounts. You can do this on your profile.
Breaking these rules will result in Warning Points. Most Points expire after one week, but spamming threads will result in a one permanent Warning Point or Tempban.
These rules will be subject to change at any time!