A Player's Guide to Staff Roles
By Moobattle

Its a common issue that some server members do not know which staff member they should contact in case problems arise. This document will show you what certain types of staff can or cannot help with. It's usually recommended to call the lowest-ranking staff that can help you with your problem (or a Helper who will call the appropriate staff rank).

Please note:
In most cases, if the staff member that you require is not online, it is highly recommended that you make a
Player Report, Bug Report, or Donation Issues Thread.

The Helper rank has very few permissions, but can warn players for light chat flooding, answer general gameplay questions, and contact higher-ranked staff members if needed. It's generally recommended to call them first as they can refer you to the correct type of staff for your problem.
Junior Moderator (JrMod)
Junior Mods can kick, and temporarily mute players. In addition, they can check areas and chests for griefing. They can help you with players breaking chat rules or being disrespectful. They can also tell you who griefed your area, but they cant do much about it because they do not have the permissions needed.
Moderator (Mod)
Mods have a lot more permissions than Junior Mods. They can tempban, rollback griefed plots, clear creative plots, and bypass claims or other types of protections. They also have /vanish which is used to watch out for hackers. Moderators can handle most situations, with glitched/features items being one of the exceptions.
Senior Moderator (SrMod)
Senior Moderators can spawn in items lost through glitches and they also have the ability to permanently mute/ban. Please note, SrMods will not abuse their permissions and will only replace items if it was lost due to a known bug and there is sufficient proof to show it happened to you. In the vast majority of situations, Senior Mods will be able to solve your issue.
Administrator (Admin)
Admins can handle everything except donation issues. They can handle urgent issues, such as if you found a game-breaking glitch that needs to be fixed immediately. It is recommended that you contact the admin via PM on Enjin or discord in such an event. If the issue is not game-breaking, please call a Senior Mod instead.
Owner (VoidAngel)
VoidAngel can be called if you have an issue with donation or a staff member. For donation issues, please make a help request here. For issues with a certain staff member, please PM VoidAngel via Enjin or Discord.